Crazy Busy, Militant Hamsters & Evil Hills……….

Good morning world! For those of you who were worried about my general well-being, if the Windermere water had got to me and I am lying in a feverish state with cool flannels being applied to my forehead by himself, I have been mauled by a mutant Cumbrian sheep or am suffering from excess bacon poisoning, well none have come to fruition – I am still here and generally on fine form.


Just crazily busy.

I have however just had a major panic as I thought the blog had been hacked so had a panic stricken half an hour while munching on a bacon butty, but panic over it is sorted and was not hacked. I suspect that the hamster on the wheel that keeps the server going had gone for a grain break and was putting its feet up while having a cheeky ciggie out the back of the building.


Normal service has now resumed.

So, what has been happening. Well, I think a full recovery from the excesses of last week’s birthday party weekend has been achieved, the cottage has been put back together and the glass recycling has been done to ditch any evidence of the excessive alcohol consumption.

The recovery from The Great North Swim in Lake Windermere is complete – just in time to head back this weekend and throw myself into it’s depths wearing nothing more than a swimming costume, nose clip and swimming hat. Yeap, no space for wetsuits this weekend and after last weekend’s wetsuit adventure that is probably a good thing, I am sure my bottom will appreciate the reprieve. It is going to be even harder work this weekend – but I am looking forward to it.

funny swimming animals 06

Stand by for updates over the weekend.

One completely unrelated concern I have is a sudden lack of MAMIL activity. On the one hand himself has been as busy as I have and so while the will may have been there, the time has not. However, on the other hand there have been small windows of opportunity……….

So, to my training. All good. I have been running. Yeap, you did read that, I have been running. The Great North Run is looming large on the horizon and as my post London Marathon training programme has concentrated on swimming and gym, (due in no small part to the Saudi Arabian heat at this time of year), I pulled on my running shoes this week and hit those hills, those evil Cumbrian hills.

Yeap, I am convinced that the hills in this part of the world grow and become more evil over time. Either that or in the dark of night there are workmen out there adding to the gradients with mischievous grins on their faces.

Well, I have taken the bull by the horns and started off earlier in the week with a gentle trot and then ended up yesterday with an 8.5 miler. To be honest it would have been longer as I was planning on running to school to meet the small man after his latest day of school excitement, (no that is not sarcasm, he is genuinely having a ball, loving every second and asking when he can go full-time!!), and then grab a lift back with the two men in my life. However, the first half of England V Wales got the better of me and so I was late setting off.

Therefore, the pace was fast, I really, really wanted to get to school before himself set off a while later in the car and overtook me but alas I had left it too late and with about a mile to go he wound down the window  as he overtook me and came out with some odd comment or other.

So, in I jumped.

To be honest for my first serious run since London I am quite happy with 8.5 miles and with over 3 months to go I am on target.

However, the sight, (and smell), of me walking into school after my run did I think take a few parents unawares and the Strawberry Blond Hand Grenade who pottered over for a chat was slightly taken aback, (or was it embarrassment at her stinky, sweaty, non-street cred Mum? – most probably a bit of both). Yeap, my hair was plastered to my head with sweat, my face was like a beetroot and the odour from my armpits would have quelled any malicious intentions of England ‘fans’ in France and sent them running home to their Mums.

384d7bf81b57a612a5994d65229cd54cEven the small man declined my offer of a hug when he eventually appeared for his lift home.


Anyway, a good shower finally fixed that and normal service is now resumed.

Right, suppose I had better go and start getting ready for this weekend’s foray into Lake Windermere – stand by for updates, it is going to be interesting…….


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