Have We Imploded Yet?…….????

Well, as predicted the world continues to spin, the world has not exploded, the UK has not imploded and quite frankly life continues on as normal.


Regulars to the EIOT blog will know that I have not used the blog to reveal my thoughts and feelings about the Referendum, other than to say that actually politics bores me to tears, I do not trust any politician of any denomination and I did not vote for no other reason than my ballot paper was sent to Riyadh – not much use when I am in Cumbria.


One of my over-riding opinions about last Thursday’s bum-fight was that whichever way it went nobody actually knew what the future held regardless of the result. Staying in, well while there may have been a prescribed route then knowing politicians then that could have been have rewritten at any moment with a complete U-turn and by exiting, well nobody knew what lay ahead on that route either.

So, here we are. The UK is to exit the EU – NOT Europe – just the EU. We found out the result on Friday, 4 days ago. So far the world has not gone bang and the UK has not crumbled to a quivering mass of a bankrupt, unsustainable island floating in a sea of ruin.

So the pound has slumped and share prices have fallen – but so what. Both have been a lot worse than they are now.

What has become apparent though is how some people, organisations and groups have shown their true colours and characters. This applies to both sides – Leave and Remain – who have thrown allegations and abuse without inhibition.


I could live with the result either way, but we need to big, brave and forward looking. What I struggle with is the back-biting, defamation, slander and vilification from people who should know better.

Social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are breeding grounds for animosity and even after 4 days my media feeds are crammed with abuse, allegations and malicious language.

I would just like to say that wake up world, (and UK in particular), we are British, we have dignity and we have honour. It was a democratic vote and we have to stand by the result. Let’s not make ourselves a laughing stock with back-stabbing, rumour-mongering and bitching at each other. We should now be impressing the wider world with our forward vision, entrepreneurship and initiative. We need to attract business from a big wide world, not present ourselves as the clowns in the circus.


Everybody is entitled to an opinion, we do not, have not and will not live in an autocratic society and everybody has a right to vote as they see fit and not as is expected or dictated.

The UK has stood up and been counted, we exited the ERM when it did not work for the UK, we resisted the Euro and benefited as a result and we passed on the Schengen system. Now we have decided to leave the EU, just another case of raising the head above the parapet.

So, for those people who have lost friendships over the Referendum, have either thrown or received abuse for whichever way they voted or have gone into hiding for fear of recrimination, then it is time to build bridges, stand tall, have faith in your belief and your decisions. Get those friendships back, do not be afraid to say sorry or give forgiveness and for goodness sake get back out into the world.


We are the UK for goodness sake, show some strength of character, be proud of your country, welcome other nationalities and don’t be cowed by the small, embittered minorities on either side.

We are better than that.

Anyway, enough of my Referendum woes, time to be slightly more frivolous.

Well, the world has motored on with us at a ferocious rate over the weekend. A mass of gymkhanas, barbecues, music festivals and birthday parties.

Yeap, this weekend was the local music festival – a new adventure for which I have to say we were anything other than prepared.

Now, as the whole world knows this weekend was a slightly larger music festival down in Somerset and quite frankly I assumed that every full-time, part-time and wannabe Hippy was there. WRONG! Nope, the sleepy, small and completely unique village here in deepest Cumbria sprung into life with a large proportion of the visitors in a multi-tude of hippy type attire and clearly intent on enjoying themselves.


The village sprung into a whirlwind of tents, caravans, beaten up motor-homes, immaculate and brand new motor-homes, music and beer.

It was fab!

If I had not seen it then quite frankly I would never have imagined that so many people could be squeezed in, but that said with the sprawling acres of fields then camping space was never going to be an issue.

Fields that on Thursday were home to sheep and cows suddenly spawned porta-loos and became home to tented communities. Flags and wind-socks took over and every trip through the village involved a game of how many flags can we spot.

The over-riding decision was that the radish wearing a hat won the best wind-sock prize!

We were out at a BBQ on Saturday evening, (a jolly fine evening with much hilarity I hasten to add), and as the duty driver I had the pleasure of driving back through the village at around midnight.

Well what an experience!

Usually, when driving through the village at anytime after 2000 you may see the odd moggy or, if you are really lucky, a stray sheep munching on the plant pot outside the pub, but Saturday was hilarious with happy, good natured people enjoying the beer and music throughout the cobbled area – simply superb.

It took about three times as long to get through the village, but who cares – people were happy. To be honest I was tempted to stop the car and join in, but as the gruesome twosome had flaked out in the back and himself was feeling slightly the worse for wear I pressed on for home, listening to Adele and her ‘potty mouth’ live on the radio from the other, slightly larger music festival down south.


This is the type of thing that I wrote about at the start of this post. This is what the UK is about, people from everywhere having fun and enjoying themselves. The local music and beer festival sums it up really – nice one Cumbria!

Right, best go put my rain coat on and light the barbecue!


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One thought on “Have We Imploded Yet?…….????

  1. Pauline says:

    Grieving over the fact I may soon no longer be able to be British or say that I’m from the United Kingdom. Give us a while and our mojos may return.

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