Genius, Sheer Genius!, Starving Off-Spring & Diplomatic Skills……

During my early morning meander through the World Wide Web, (well, relatively early – it is the summer holidays after all), I made a startling discovery and one which, quite frankly, I wish I had thought of.Dogs Shocked

Everybody who pays any vague attention to the EIOT blog, (and I really do live in hope that there is somebody out there who does take a look every now and then), will know about my unhealthy pre-occupation with the temperature here in Saudi over the summer months.

Tap Hot 1

Yeap, as a quick recap there is no cold water, the heat simply warms the pipes and warms the water.

Well, exciting news!

Exciting News

Now, why I did not think of this myself is beyond me, it is sheer genius!

Yeap, someone, somewhere in the Middle East has thought of a great solution to the lack of cold water issue – take a look at this, isn’t it brilliant??


Now, why oh why oh why did I not think of that?

Yeap, it may need some forward planning with a reliable and copious ice supply, maybe even going as far as having a small freezer upstairs, sacrificing a kitchen colander and coming up with a suitably stable way of attaching it to the shower head but what genius! I am in awe of whoever thought of this.

So, my mission over the next few days will be to source the appropriate parts and install the said contraption to restore cold showers.

I will keep you posted.

Now today was decreed a rest day by the small man, AKA Mr Sport, and I am delighted, (as well as relieved), that he maintained that stance today.

So I have taken full advantage of the fact to catch up with people and errands – but stand by, not only has he decreed tomorrow as a gym and swimming day, he has arranged to meet one of his buddies at the gym at an alloted hour, looks like I will have 2 Mr Sports to deal with.

So, how is Mr Sport on a rest day? Restless I think is the answer. So much so that we ended up heading out to the smaller pool in the centre of our block as it turned cooler to get rid of some energy.

Now, we have two outstanding issues relating mainly to the small man but also to lesser extent the strawberry blond hand grenade.

Firstly, as mentioned last night, with the fantastic training that the small man is doing he is permanently ravenous – even more than usual and despite the rest day status of today I have not had chance to bake and he has been starving. This has even been to the point of minesweeping everybody’s bowls for left over rice after dinner – the poor lad is wasting away.

Hungry Labrador


So, tomorrow is baking, in between training. The housework will have to wait, I have baking to do and lots of it!

The other issue that we have is that the small man and his big sister have discovered the EIOT blog. Yeap, they have rumbled what keeps me occupied and out of their hair most days and last night saw them read it for the first time, (to be honest the hand grenade has read it in the past but not really got into it until last night).

Yeap, at one point last night all three of the other members of the immediate family were reading the blog at the same time on various devices.

Now that was intimidating.

The small man has already run in to me while writing this post and asked when it will be ready and when he can read it……

So, advance warning here; future EIOT posts maybe slightly more diplomatic about my immediate family in order to avoid family strife and alienation.


Now where did I put that colander?


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