Glenn Update & Regrouping Post Tommo……..

Well, after last night’s visit by the legend that is Tommo, I think we have returned to a vague sense of normality – whatever that may be. Well, I say normality but regular EIOT readers will know that the word normality is not easy to define in our household.


Yeap, the chaos has been tidied away. You see when Tommo visits there is an eruption of disarray. The small man goes into hyper mode as soon as his hero walks through the door that means that Nerf guns and the associated bullets are brought out, the Wii goes into overdrive, jokes get told and remote control cars whisk paint off the skirting boards quicker than anything you can buy from B&Q. Yeap, Tommo is as bigger kid as anybody under ten years old – despite hurtling towards a birthday with a ‘5’ in it, with two grown up offspring of his own. After any visit a considerable amount of time is spent regrouping, collecting Nerf bullets and putting the lounge back together. The mess usually resembles an incident involving an outsized Jack-In-The-Box filled with Nerf bullets, crisps, defunct batteries and sweets. I will leave that one to your imagination.


So, as documented last night Tommo and himself launched into all sorts of spurious conversations about sporting challenges as well discussing whisky on mountain tops.

Well, I have to say that after his sporting adventures of yesterday and the excitement of a visit from his hero megastar idol, the small man actually faded mid evening and retired to bed, reluctantly as his knight in shining armour was still downstairs.

Not long afterwards the discussion of whisky and mountains got the better of me and I disappeared off up to bed as well, leaving Tommo, himself and the strawberry blond hand grenade putting the world to rights. Well, almost, Tommo had actually been recruited to help sort out the various colours of the hand grenade’s loom band collection and was happily sorting them into various shades of orange, pink, purple, blue…….

It was quite a sight to behold and I really regret not taking a photo for posterity.

So, training again. Well, as predicted off we went to the gym again – without the hand grenade who refused point-blank today – and the small man waged war on the treadmill, stepper and rowing machine before planking and stretching.

Gym Bunny

This afternoon was swimming, again, and yet more races in which he keeps me on my toes. The hand grenade did honour us with her presence for swimming, (only because her brother had told her she was lazy and should do something, sibling rivalry at its best!), and won pretty much every race but blimey both of our offspring have a turn of speed in the swimming pool.

I am delighted to say that the small man has announced that tomorrow is a rest day, although I will only believe it and start making non gym/swimming plans once the day has dawned and he is still of that mindset.


Now the small man is doing really, really well and we are really proud of him, but there is an associated problem. Regular readers will know that the small man loves his food and has an incredible appetite – often surpassing that of his Dad.

Well, it doesn’t take the brains of a dietician or sports physiologist to work out what effect all this training is having on him.

Three big meals today, plus fruit, plus snacks. For dinner he had home-made chilli and rice and is now scavenging for more food.

I am in trouble with the small man as I have not had chance to make cookies, chocolate muffins or a rice-pudding – apparently that would stave off his hunger nicely. Sorry son, but I have been somewhat busy at the gym and swimming pool for some reason….

So, if you see us begging on street corners you will know that the small man is training and we are struggling to feed him – the food intake is incredible.

So, onto other matters. A post of a few days ago saw me make mention of my friend Glenn who at that point was waiting down in Dover for a window to swim to France before cycling from Calais to Paris, (click here for a refresher).

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 18.51.14

Well, the elements did not work in Glenn’s favour and much to everyone’s disappointment the weather just was not obliging and so Glenn could not do his swim in his allowed window and annual leave from work. But, not to be defeated he and his support team jumped on a ferry to Calais before jumping on their bikes to Paris, before heading back home today in time for Glenn to go to work.

The plan is for Glenn to do the swim as soon as possible, (weather and work allowing), and I know he blast it.

So, hang on in there Glenn, you will do it and you will do it damned well! Perhaps we could send Tommo with you to give us all, (not least Mrs Tommo), some peace and quiet….

Now there’s a thought……


Right, I suppose I ought to do a recce on if we have enough ingredients for cookies/muffins before the small man starves to death…


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