Go Glenn!, Rhetorical Question & So Very Tired……

I would like to start this evening’s EIOT blog post with a massive ‘Good Luck’ to my friend Glenn Tinselly.

Glenn is currently down in Dover waiting for a weather window to start his epic Charity swim over the Channel to France. But that is not all, once in France Glenn is going to be cycling to Paris.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 18.51.14

Glenn is raising funds for Make A Wish (UK) and I would personally like to wish him all the best and I can’t wait to hear all about it.

To find out more about Glenn’s adventure take a look at Glenn’s Story here

Go Glenn!

So, onto matters more frivolous and nowhere near as exciting.

Firstly, I have a rhetorical question for you. No answers required and I suspect my subconscious is letting off steam.

get it off your chest

But, does anybody else place items on the bottom of the stairs, to the side for safety reasons and think to themselves that they will take it up next time they go but have the faintest glimmer of hope that actually somebody else may take the initiative and take it up as they spot it on the stairs on their way?

Is the answer yes?, (sorry, perhaps I should have drawn a flowchart for this), then does anybody else’s family treat the items as a round about and go out of their way to ignore them?

Is the answer still yes?, then does it still fall onto your shoulders to take the items upstairs at the end of the day despite numerous ascents and descents by other household members of the preceding few hours?

OK, I am sensing all the nods of agreement out there, I am not unique! That is a relief…..

Regular readers of the EIOT blog, (yes those inimitable words), may recall the post of quite some months ago relating to the cartoonish and comedic experience of having my foot x-rayed at one of the local hospitals. If you need a reminder then please click here. Yeap, the post ‘Darth Vader On A Surfboard’ created quite a stir and quite a lot of hilarity. Once again I would like to state openly that it was all completely true – as are all EIOT blogs.



But anyway, there has been a new development – oh yes. During our absence the hospital in question was closed down, very unceremoniously and without warning. Yeap, signs were stuck up on doors and people were turned away.

Now, I am not sure if this has anything to do with the slightly unorthodox technique for taking foot x-rays, the state of the wooden block or any more sinister and potentially much more serious reasons but whatever it was it has caused chaos.

Now while I suspect that our fantastic Medical Centre here on the compound have coped with their incredible resilience and fortitude to ensure that the population of the compound continue to receive excellent medical care at other hospitals around the city, it does raise one interesting question.

If the hospital was shut so abruptly, then what happened to those poor souls who were in-patients at the time? This event happened some weeks ago and I must admit that I have visions of not only nobody being allowed in, but also nobody being allowed out…..

So, does this mean that when the hospital finally reopens, (which word on the street has it is the end of August), there will be an exodus of fit and healthy but slightly stir-crazy people who have been incarcerated for several weeks?


Now, to those people who have never been here that may sound ludicrous, but I bet those readers who have experienced life here in the land of sand are now nodding sagely and wondering themselves…..

So, as you can see I am in contemplative mood this evening, largely because I don’t really have the energy for anything even vaguely energetic.


You see the small man in my life is continuing his new-found love of sport and exercise. While it is too hot to run outside, he has taken to the gym and the treadmill.

So, whereas yesterday I was rudely awoken by his sister throwing open the door, switching on the lights, opening the blind and shouting it was ‘time for swim training’, this morning I was woken by a small man who has commando crawled around to my side of the bed and launched an ambush at my face repeatedly saying ‘time to run, time to run’.

So, off we went to the gym, me and my small man. Now there is an important thing to remember here, I am in my mid-forties and while overall I am pretty fit the Ramadan break has seen many excesses and more snug fitting clothes. He on the other hand is 8, been running in Cumbria, is naturally fit and is highly competitive.


So, side by side on the treadmills – I will leave the rest to your imagination other than to say I maintained my sporting dominance, just. The same thing on the steppers, sheer determination kept him at bay. After this I convinced him that he really should not overdo it and it was time to go home.

Then this afternoon was swimming and we were joined by the strawberry blond hand grenade and the larger man.

Once again the competitive edges shone through, but alas I cannot get the upper hand with the hand grenade with front crawl. The small man has the upper hand with back stroke and even had the nerve to be waiting at the end of one race with his legs over the side doing stomach crunches and asking what had kept me…..??

baby swimming

So, after quite a lot of training today I am a tad weary, needless to say the gruesome twosome aren’t.  But no rest for the wicked, I have already been informed that tomorrow morning is gym and the afternoon is swimming again….?

Right, best I go off and rest my weary body, don’t know what I am moaning about, I am not swimming to France and then cycling over to Paris in the next few days.

Toughen up woman!

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