Bodies, Bodies Everywhere & Mud!

Today has been a revelation, a learning curve and quite frankly a blast back from the past.

No, this isn’t purely with the drive from Norfolk over to Cumbria, (yes, I thought that this was going to happen tomorrow but it was pointed out to me yesterday that actually I had got my days muddled up and we were due to leave Norfolk today. That could have been interesting when the cleaning staff moved into the room to clear up and found us still in residence…..)Lady:Cleaning

No, the shock to my system was the stop at Wetherby Services for essential sustenance to be greeted by the fall out from The Leeds Festival. Yeap, there were bodies of varying levels of grubbiness all over the services, some flat-out asleep on the grass, others asleep in cars, others eyes open but clearly asleep wandering around the services in a state of dishevelment.


There was a mass of muddy wellies and walking boots abandoned outside the entrance – judging by the amount of discarded mud inside then I suspect that the management had drawn a halt to footwear inside. I really wish I had taken a photo of the amassed muddy footwear but my desperation to get to Costa got the better of me.

Inside there were muddy legs, muddy socks and bare feet. Dreadlocks were caked in earth and water and there was an earthy and outdoor smell to the area.

Oh how I wish I was 20 years younger again and then I can’t wait till the gruesome twosome are that little bit bigger and off we go to festivals. I was quite envious.

Anyway, one Costa trip completed, children refueled and off we set again to Cumbria in the naiveĀ hope that tomorrow we may get the keys to Chez EIOT and be able to take up residence.

I sincerely hope that will be the case – between the car being stacked to the gunnels, everything stacked up high in my friend’s shed and the imminent delivery of our ‘stuff’ from deep storage in Wiltshire we are seriously in trouble if there are any issues at this stage.


Then of course there is the BT man/woman who is due on Thursday……

I can only hope that as we have exchanged and that the solicitor has all our financial assetsĀ in her work bank account, that actually tomorrow morning will be routine….famous last words and all that.

Well I have to say that I am missing training. Yeap, five days in Norfolk has been fab but I need to get some exercise. the Great North Run is now less than two weeks away and while I am uncharacteristically laid back about the event, (gee if I can make it through London then surely the GNR can’t be that bad??? – yes I have done it before but was a few years younger…..), there is a nagging stopwatch ticking in my head which is constantly reminding me of the event.


Anyway, exercise out the lack of it is playing on my mind and so hey ho, hey ho its off running I go very soon……

So, today’s journey between Norfolk and Cumbria was anything other than routine. How could it have been with the gruesome twosome in tow? To be honest I am quite relieved that it wasn’t. Much as the landscape was stunning – especially the deeper into Cumbria we got, I am sick of driving at the moment and crave the solitude of Chez EIOT in the near future – unless that is overly optimistic and the mortgage company still class us as international money launderers, people traffickers, con artists or identity thieves and tomorrow we are greeted by yet another obstacle.

Anyway, midway through the trip as I struggled to concentrate on the legendary A1 I was rudely awakened by the small man cheering loudly, fist pumping and celebrating with an undue amount of enthusiasm.


No, it wasn’t that he had secretly bought a Lottery scratch card and won millions and was celebrating keeping his Mum and Dad in the style to which they would like to become accustomed, no – he had a ‘Jigglypuff’ hatch from an egg on Pokemon Go.

Now, after I had recomposed myself from nearly crashing the car on the A1 and all the horn blowing around us had stopped, I enquired as to what had happened and received a very convoluted answer that quite frankly I did not understand and involved ‘stardust’.

Anyway, my learning curve continues and quite frankly I am more than a little confused.

Right, time to eat, recharge and get ready for the challenges and adventures that tomorrow will undoubtedly bring.

As the BT man/woman is not due till Thursday, (assuming there are no more booby traps lying in wait for us, EIOT posts may be limited for a few more days……


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