Cold Water, Cold Water Everywhere…….

Apologies for the lack of an EIOT rambling last night, (if anybody actually noticed), – I was rather busy in the beer garden and priorities and all that!


Well, as I write this morning’s post I am fresh from yet another cold water shower. Yeap, the novelty of cold water from a powerful shower is keeping me very amused and occupied and quite frankly very clean.

Regular readers, (yes, those immortal words again), know how the lack of cold water back in the land of sand causes much angst and how my DIY attempts at a solution were thwarted by the small testosterone filled one.

Well, no such problem here – cold water is in abundance and the oh so powerful shower head deluges me on demand – luxury, and the icing on the cake is cold water toothbrushing, it just gets better and better.

Well, the news on the house front is that we have exchanged! Now, don’t get me wrong there were still a few worried phone calls after the archaic procedures of the mortgage company made life a lot harder all round than it ever should have been, but eventually the slightly hassled solicitor called to say that the deed had been done and we are all set for completion on Tuesday.

About blinkin’ time too!


The Pokemon taxi service continues to function well with several detours being made on any journey. Yesterday I was tricked into driving about 300yards to the local church where apparently there was a PokeStop with a Weedle. The gruesome twosome threw themselves out of the car with vigour and ran up the path. Now I am not sure what the ladies doing the flower arranging actually made of their visitors – human and virtual – and I suspect that the whole experience was as much of a learning curve for them as it has been for me.


So, off to the beach today. The 10th member of the group here is a 12 week old chocolate labrador granny magnet who is quite frankly far too cute for her own good. As all her injections are now done and complete an inaugural trip to the sea is essential and has to be done. Stand by for tales of mayhem, chaos, wet dog and rescuing innocent small children as their ice creams are whisked away from them faster than Usain Bolt running to a PokeGym.


Right, time to marshall the troops into some sort of order…..


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