BT Pain

Well world and dedicated fans of the EIOT blog, I am still here, I am still alive, the house is still standing and BT are putting us through agony and still being absolute pain in the arse.


Yeap, most things are falling into place – more literally than I would like in many cases as a heavy wooden curtain rail fell down onto my head the other day. The electricity is reasonably stable, the Rayburn has been alight for over a week now and despite being an old lady with several health issues is maintaining a stable condition, (even if she  is resolutely refusing to heat the water – much to the bewilderment of the plumber), the immersion heater has given up the ghost and is due for another assessment tomorrow, (hot water is currently courtesy of the wood burner), thanks to the jovial and workaholic electrician.


The water supply itself is somewhat dodgy and my daily forage down into the field to check the spring and holding tank yesterday led to some concern as a mere trickle was struggling out of the spring and lethargic drip was all that was heading into the somewhat empty holding tank.

Yeap, the water is an issue – largely as the weather has been beautiful for quite a while now and the usual Cumbrian drenchings have not yet happened and the countryside is uncharacteristically dry. So, this morning saw me doing the rain dance to the Cumbrian Rain Gods as the pile of washing builds up and the holding tank has a worryingly empty and hollow sound about it.

So, onto BT. Or perhaps I should call them the Sloping Shoulders Telecom Company. I have reached the grand conclusion that I am jinxed with any UK national companies starting with the word ‘British’ – well in any case BT & BA.

Yeap, BT have still failed comprehensively to connect us to the outside world either via telephone or WIFI. That combined with absolutely no mobile coverage makes for a very quiet life.

BT will not accept the fact that there is a BT line going into the house and a BT Open Reach box prominently situated in the lounge and that previous owners have had a BT service as do the neighbours.


So, much of my life is spent scrounging WIFI access so that I can attempt to coordinate the various workmen who frequent EIOT Towers in an attempt to maintain a vague level of functionality about the place.

A regular haunt is a local cafe about 5 miles away from school and has super fast WIFI, (yes, it does exist around here). That is hardship as in order to justify me snaffling their WIFI I feel obliged to partake of a GF bacon and egg butty, (the best GF bread I have tasted in a long time), and a decadent hot chocolate. I am writing this post in the village pub which also has superfast broadband, (a new development in the last few days), and once again in return for their WIFI, I feel obliged to partake in their services – alas at this time of day just copious amounts of orange and lemonade as well as cheese and onion crisps.

Other WIFI sources include the neighbours who, thanks to them providing me with their password, makes my phone in my pocket spring into life as I walk up the lane past their kitchen, school, the Golf Club, (not that I know one end of a golf stick thing from the other), and if I am venturing further afield Costa Coffee.

So, BT announced today that the next update on our apparent service will be on October 11 – yeap, you heard that right a full 19 days away.

BT blame OpenReach but when I ask about who is answerable at OpenReach I just get the usual, ‘I don’t know’.


So, that is the sitch, stuck between a rock and a hard place.

So, no regular EIOT posts at the moment…….hurrah I hear you cry..


So, in among all this fun and games training has alas been relegated to a lower priority at the moment and I am missing it – a lot.

Right, there is only so much orange and lemonade I can drink in one sitting so best I stir my stumps and head back up the hill to the tranquility and tech free zone which is Chez EIOT…..


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