I Am Still Here – Honest…..

You may well be enjoying the peace and quiet and have not even missed my EIOT ramblings, but for those who may feel there is a great glaring gap in their lives over the last week or so please rest assured I have survived the house move, (by the skin of my teeth), I am still here and I will be back to normal very soon.



Once the BT man has been tomorrow I am vaguely optimistic, (yeah right), that we will be back in touch with the world again, (Yeap – you’ve guessed it, they messed up last week). The only way I am writing this is as we have ventured out from deepest Cumbria to do some errands and have stumbled on a phone signal. It is irrelevant that I am sat on the car roof as we teeter on the edge of a fell with the gruesome twosome huddled on one side of the car to maintain the equilibrium – bit like the final coach scene in ‘The Italian Job’ – I have a phone signal!


So, keep the faith, enjoy the peace and quiet and brace yourselves for the mother of all EIOT posts in the near future where I will regale you with all the gory details.

I will be back!


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