Little Miss Whoops, Rejection & Not Impressed…..

It was just too good to be true. The WIFI had been up and running for over 24 hours and we had been lulled into a false sense of security – a sense that actually we had a reliable service again.



Anyway, needless to say it has gone off again! Aaaarrrgghhh……………

Anyway, where there’s a will there’s a way and all that……

So, today’s training. A crackin’ gym session first thing – ages in the gym. Still no running, the hip is getting better, slowly, so stacks of everything else. My abdominals are now whinging like a bloke with flu, my quads are raging like a forest fire and my shoulders are continuing on their quest for world domination.

Yeap, all the swimming and gym is having a very real effect on my shoulders – again. There was a lull in their quest for world domination the last time I was back in Blighty, but a daily beasting in the gym has revived their ambitions and they are off again. Just yesterday I put a t-shirt on and spent some considerable time trying to decide if it was tight across the shoulders because of the training or if I had washed it on too high a temperature……I think it was the former rather than the latter…

The latest news is that I have heard back from The London Marathon Ballot and the news is that like what seems to be the vast majority of the population who applied, I have not got a place in the 2017 London Marathon. But look on the bright side, apparently they did send me a consolation London Marathon training top – that softens the blow!


To be honest I am completely chilled about it. The hip is recovering but is not up to intensive running at the moment. Also, I have to say that the thought of running round and round the compound wall numerous times sent a shiver of terror down my spine and brought back memories that should have been assigned to the darkest recesses of my mind…..


Yes, there was much hilarity associated with my continuous running around the compound, relating mainly to my sports bras, the street lights going out, dog poo bins and camel poo smell as well as the never changing view of the identical buildings and scenery. While training on the compound makes for a relatively easy training environment it also makes for a mind numbingly boring experience.

Don’t forget that running around the compound time after time bred the name of this blog as thanks to training here I now know ‘every inch of tarmac’ intimately.

That said, as running around and around the compound ultimately made a significant contribution to the fantastic total amount of money we all raised for Tommy’s, (, then quite frankly it was worth every step, aching muscle and errant breast experience, (new readers may or may not be curious to read the more humorous exploits associated with my running and these can all be found in the earlier posts of the EIOT blog).


So, I now know I can formally lay off the running and concentrate on everything else.

I am looking at short term goals for all sorts of sports and have long term goals in mind – stand by for news on crazy sporting challenges!

I was due to swim this afternoon as well, but well it didn’t happen. It was a one off moment of ‘I have trained hard, twice a day, all week so I am having this afternoon off type of moment…

Instead we moved onto the next film. Yes, ‘those‘ films – but not ‘that‘ type of film!, Click on the link for a reminder of what the heck I am on about – Inbetweeners Initiation. Yes, in the absence of the gruesome twosome himself and I settled down and watched the long neglected film ‘The World’s End’. I had forgotten just how weird that film is and to be honest I think I would have been better off going swimming.


Lesson learnt!

So, to the gruesome twosome. Well, the small man is in my bad books thanks to his complete lack of contact. Yeap, I am delighted he is loving his new life at boarding school in the UK, but some sort of contact would be nice. Nope, there has been nothing directed to me. Instead, as already mentioned this week all contact is directed towards himself. He actually imessaged himself last night asking him to apologise to me on his behalf as he had realised that he had forgotten my birthday earlier in the week.


How does that work then? He has my imessage address and is more than capable of messaging me directly to say, ‘Sorry Mum, I messed up and forgot your birthday. I am really sorry. I hope you had a good day. Love from your gorgeous and adorable son’. 

But no, instead himself gets the message to pass on, ‘Tell mum that I’m sorry for forgetting her birthday’. Nothing more.

Now as if it wasn’t bad enough that he didn’t go out of his way to message me directly, I did receive an indirect request from him when I woke up this morning.

You see we have a family account on iTunes and I am the ‘administrator’ of it. So, that means the when anybody wants anything from iTunes I get a message from iTunes asking for approval.

So, this morning I was greeted with the news that he had not bothered to message me with an apology at around the same time as I received an iTunes app request from none other but the small testosterone filled one…….


Needless to say I did not approve it….

What all this means is that he has WIFI access, but is not choosing to use it wisely to stay in his mum’s good books….

I think there is going to be a crash course in communication skills at half-term….

Right, best I go as this post will be delivered to the EIOT blog via 3G and too much data will send the network into meltdown and any shreds of communication with the outside world will be lost. The world will blame me and I will be have to go and live with the camels in the desert in disgrace.

I will endeavour to post my ramblings tomorrow but that is internet dependent and as it is Friday, day of prayers when everything grinds to a halt anyway, any breakdown in the WIFI system simply will not be considered for repair until Saturday.

I will be back, just not sure when…..


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