Tommo Trauma & Beaver Target Practice……

Well here I sit, Nerf bullets whistling past my ears, the floor looking like a Nerf bullet scatter bomb has detonated and two over-excited children bouncing off the walls, ceiling and furniture.

Yes, you have guessed it, The Legend That Is Tommo is in residence for the evening.

A smiling, cartoon comedian about to tell some jokes.

Yeap, the biggest kid of all is in here, been fed and is now reverting back to his alter ego and reliving his childhood with our small testosterone filled man who sees the legend in hero status and who sees him very much as his partner in crime.

For those who are unsure about the Legend That Is Tommo, I refer you back to older EIOT posts. I would insert links to refresh your memory or for new readers to furnish you with the necessary information, but to be honest The Legend features in so many EIOT posts that the list would be far too long and quite frankly you would all have lost the will to live by the time you got to the bottom of it.


So, instead, I would suggest that you simply go to the EIOT homepage and put the immortal word ‘Tommo’ in the search box on the right hand side and brace yourself for an encyclopedia’s worth of posts which talk about the antics of Tommo.

Now some of you may well remember Tommo from numerous posts and craziness, (including monster sporting events to raise money for Tommy’s), but I bet not many of you will remember the post explaining the other legend in my life, Justin Beaver. You may have to read that twice, no I am not a wannabe screaming 12 year old girl craving after a drink soaked, drug fuelled lady boy, no I am talking about a stuffed cuddly toy, with one eye, standing around 6 inches tall, in the shape of a beaver, (well he used to be that shape), who answers to the name of Justin and is usually in trouble hand in hand with a small man.


If you are even vaguely interested in refreshing your mind about Justin, here are a couple of links for your delectation, A Beaver Called Justin & Justin Beaver. There are other posts that relate to Justin that can be found again via the search feature on the home page.

So, the small testosterone filled man, his Beaver and Tommo are indulging themselves in childlike behaviour in the lounge.

The latest fun game is to put the mouth guard off the Hand Grenade’s clarinet, (yes, she is happily practising her clarinet with bullets whisking past her and bouncing off her music book – just to add to the chaos), balanced on the Beaver’s head and to take aim with the 50 cal Nerf Gun, (yes it is a monster), from the other end of the lounge – with the first bullet aimed at the mouth guard and the second at the body of the Beaver.


I really hope nobody from the school music department reads this blog……..

We did at one point have Tommo sitting with an IKEA artificial flower hanging out of his mouth, Ermintrude fashion, as a target as aim was taken and bullets fired. I am relieved to say no trips to the hospital have been needed, thus far, but the evening is yet young and the bullets are in plentiful supply.

The bullets from this gun actually whistle as they fly through the air and so between clarinet practise, a whimpering Beaver, whistling bullets, crazed children and now Tommo doing his Elvis impression, life in the EIOT household has become rather chaotic this evening.


Right, best I put my laptop down before any damage from high velocity Nerf bullets or high pitched clarinet playing is sustained.

Laters! Wish me luck!

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