WIFI Woes & A Bit Of A Giggle…..

IWell, as the WIFI here is having yet another screaming ab dab tonight and is behaving like a petulant child, I am taking advantage of a brief window of connectivity to post a very brief post.


Having commented on the WIFI here in the land of sand, I have to say that the brief window of access to cyber space that we are currently enjoying is sheer luxury to what we still have at EIOT Towers. Yeap, today was latest update day from BT……

I will regale you with the full set of gory details soon, but in the meantime it is suffice to say we have another update date in a weeks time.


……And keeping you waiting for two months and counting…..

Anyway, several people have commented about my quips about music here in the land of sand.

So, turn ot on the speakers loud, kick back and enjoy! If you like this then I could be persuaded to post another epic by the legend that is GoRemy tomorrow night….

Right, the WIFI clock is ticking!…


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