Credit Where Credits Due…..

Well, credit where credits due and while I will always be the first in line to knock British Airways, (and British Telecom for that matter), I feel I ought to give all due recognition to BA for their new discount for The Armed Services – including past personnel, spouses etc.

Apologies for inserting a link to an external website, but I have just spent the last two hours trying to work out unsuccessfully how to insert the website into the EIOT blog when I really ought to be packing. When I did manage to insert it then it was so tiny that you would have had to have used a microscope to read it. All the websites I read about increasing the iFrame size were not much help so I have binned that project for now.

As I said I really should be packing.


So, we are all booked in as I stayed up to the middle of the night to do the online check in and get good seats for us. So, imagine what response I got this morning when I overslept and then tried to marshall the troops into action to go swim training.

Yes, you have got it, the general response was a combination of, ‘well you should have got up earlier’, ‘I’m hungry – what’s for breakfast?’ and ‘why didn’t you set an alarm clock?’.

Next time I will have an early night and they can enjoy the dregs of whatever seats happen to be left over at check in…….gggrrrrrrrr…..

Anyway, one trip to the shop later to get pain au chocolat to fill them up, (when I got back they both commented that they hadn’t actually noticed I had gone out……), and normal service was resumed…….

Right, best I go and pack, but in the meantime another offering from GoRemy – once again turn up the volume, kick back and enjoy!



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