Lufthansa Joy, BT Silence, Empty Bucket & Another Giggle…..

Oh dear, it must be time – the suitcases are out, the washing machine is claiming overtime, stuff for EIOT Towers is disappearing into the bags and the gruesome twosome are being generally tidied up, cleaned, groomed and organised ready to head back to school.

Yeap, we have had the obligatory trip to the hairdressers, an M&S order is in place for essentials at school, shoes will be cleaned, toothbrushes packed and clarinet packed away ready to head back to the metropolis that is school.


There will be panic stricken moments of anxiety when I desperately try to remember whether school kit is here, at school or at EIOT Towers and hoping that I have got it right as to where they are.

So, tomorrow night off we go with the German time capsule that is Lufthansa. I have to day that actually I am quite looking forward to it. Instead of the smelly, unreliable and unpunctual BA big bird with grumpy crew we can look forward to wonderful German efficiency, cleanliness, prompt departure, friendly staff and of course the early opening drinks trolley.



So, another brief visit back to the UK to deposit the gruesome twosome back at school and then back to the land of sand. It must be brief – I haven’t even done a Sainsbury’s order!

As I alluded to last night BT have once again single handedly failed to connect the phone and WIFI, so there will be limited contact with the outside world.

The latest reasoning is that they have now found a fault on the line. I did ask why they had not picked this up earlier in the 10 week debacle that has been connecting EIOT Towers with the outside world and civilisation, but once again I was greeted by that oh so familiar BT response of….no response, just stony silence.


So, there is nothing for it but to frequent the cafe with its high speed broadband service and force down a bacon butty or two with a hot chocolate or two, or make my way down to the village pub and partake in a pint or two of orange juice to use their WIFI.

Its a tough life but somebody has to do it…..

The next update is due while I am actually in the UK, so stand by BT….

Of course the other pressing matter to do with EIOT Towers is the water supply and in particular our raging, and leaking, holding tank. Yeap, on arrival I will be donning my wellies, waders and brandishing a spade as I make my way across the fields to the spring and holding tank.


If I am lucky our local water expert will be on hand and we can stand, scratch our chins, take sharp intakes of breath and look at the manhole cover while chewing the fat on the various permutations of what to do about the leak.

It gives a whole new meaning to the song, ‘there’s a hole in my bucket’ I can tell you……


No, this is not our holding tank, but it is quite tricky to find a 30 year old 10,000 litre holding tank with a hole in it on the internet.....

No, this is not our holding tank, but it is quite tricky to find a 30 year old 10,000 litre holding tank with a hole in it on the internet…

And, I don’t want any comments humorous or other wise about ‘The Little Dutch Boy’ thank you very much…


Right, as promised in the last post, another submission from the legend that is GoRemy.

Volume up, kick back & enjoy!


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