Pole Dancing BT Engineers & Mary Poppins Retreats……

Well today is, in theory, a special day. Yes, it is the day that BT/Openreach are due to send four of their finest out into the Cumbrian countryside to do the ‘pole work’.

As per the post of last week, A Spontaneous Update From BT…., our Senior Executive Complaints Team Bod – Ms W – had spontaneously informed us that today was the day scheduled for the ailing telegraph poles to be replaced. Not, I hasten to add, that four BT/Openreach engineers were scheduled today to demonstrate their pole dancing potential to the unsuspecting population of deepest Cumbria.

So, it is with bated breath that I wait to hear whether or not the work has been done or as the railway companies complain about leaves on the track or the wrong type of snow, there is some far-fetched reason that means that the necessary work can’t possibly be completed. Such reasons that spring to mind include the wrong type of telegraph pole or wire or even the presence of a home for the nationally protected lesser spotted mutant hamster in the near vicinity of the work site which means that the necessary work can’t possibly be completed.

Anyway, my excitement about the possibility of the completed telegraph pole work is muted by the fact that even if it has been done then there is still the ‘mole plough work’ to be done and then whatever else that will link the work up to EIOT Towers.

No, we still have some way to go on our exciting adventure with BT/Openreach. But today, we may hopefully have taken a small step forwards.

So, onto other matters. Mary Poppins has returned to Bavaria, safe in the knowledge that her weekend charges were installed back at school and the biggest kid of all, the godfather, was installed alone at EIOT Towers to recover from the experience with a nice bottle of red.

So, in the absence of any other excitement, please find below another instalment from the legend that is GoRemy.

Turn up the volume, kick back and enjoy!



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