A Spontaneous & Unexpected BT Update…….Whatever Next……

Well, to say I was taken aback is the understatement. I actually paused for a few minutes to make sure that it was not a fake email, somebody having a bit of a laugh.

Against all the odds yesterday I received an unprompted, independently initiated update from Ms W – our ‘Executive Level Complaints bod.’

Surprised? Imagine ho I reacted. I sat and stared at my laptop screen for several seconds before actually accepting that actually yes there was an update without gnashing of teething and stamping of feet on my part.

Now, let’s not get too excited about this, but it would appear that there is progress.

I have not dared to ask about the validity of this, (don’t want to push my luck), but apparently the ‘pole work’ is due to be done on the 24th of this month.

Well I never did.

I can only assume that the ‘pole work’ is the replacing of the failing poles somewhere along the route of the telephone system and not a performing art originally associated with seedy clubs but now widely recognised as an art form in its own right and a great form of exercise.

Indeed, as yesterday’s update mentioned the fact that the ‘pole work’ is a four man job I have visions of four BT/Openreach engineers exercising vigorously around a telegraph pole in deepest Cumbria.

So, all being well and baring world disasters, (mind you we will see what tomorrow in Washington brings), all being well the telegraph poles will be in situ by this time next week.

Now, new telegraph poles and dancing BT/Openreach engineers does not a telephone line make.

No, we are still waiting for safety checks to be completed on the ‘mole plough work’ that is due to also be done.

Now as well as the mental image I have of pole dancing BT/Openreach engineers I also have various images relating to ‘mole plough work’.

Now does this mean that there is a large mole sat on a tractor with a plough? Does it mean that there is a mole diligently working away to lay the cable? Is that legal?

Now, I have to admit to having Googled ‘mole plough’ and am now furnished with all the relevant information required to be able to relate to what BT/Openreach are plotting and conducting safety checks into.

I am not sure what safety checks are required as it all looks pretty innocuous to me but gee, who am I to reason why?

And hopefully have a phone line at the end of it….

Anyway, no fixed date was forthcoming yesterday in the spontaneous update for the completion of the ‘mole work’ but I just hope that the welfare poor little soul who is trudging through the earth is looked after.

So, now I have unburdened myself with the shock of the spontaneous update from BT/Openreach, what else has been happening?

Well, the small testosterone filled one actually attempted to make contact last night.

I suspect that this effort was not down to the small man, but possibly thanks to his teacher who received a couple of emails from me yesterday implying a lack of contact.

Anyway, the small man chose to Facetime at 2330 here – 2030 in the UK. Needless to say we were fast asleep and all Facetime receiving gadgets were on silent, so no answer.

Anyway, I am sure that he will argue that at least he tried…..

So, various last-minute message conversations with the Godfather last night as he packed his childproof clothing to disappear off to EIOT Towers today for his weekend of godfatherly duties.

Reading between the lines I suspect that he may actually be quite looking forward to the experience.

The German Mary Poppins is inbound tomorrow….

I am sure there will be updates over the weekend….





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