So, if I jot down that I am here in the pub that is roughly a mile away from EIOT Towers with their super-fast fibre broadband, regular readers will surmise that I am in beautiful Cumbria.

Now what is slightly unusual is that himself is also here – yes, it is block leave time and he too is enjoying the glorious Cumbrian countryside.

Now, if he had for one second thought he was going to have 2 weeks of putting his feet up and relaxation, then I have had news for him.

So far, in the last three days he has been in the water tank, problem solved the water tank in a brain storming session with our resident water expert, fixed numerous household appliances in need of attention, attached various bits and pieces to various walls, dismantled a small enclosure that has been designed to last forever and resisted all efforts of dismantling, been in the roof to assess the water tank maintenance, fixed various lights, moaned about the state of the cellar, assembled the small testosterone filled one’s telescope and moved several heavy items from the barn.

His list is not yet exhausted – I have more jobs lined up for him.

Now, part of the execution of this list of household tasks has been to get into the outside water tank to find out what the heck is going on. Yes, I acquired a pair of waders of the right size and himself was dispatched unceremoniously down the field and into the water tank.

I hasten to add that I did offer support from land ‘just in case’ of emergencies. That consisted of loitering in the field throwing snippets of advice and guidance. But he was in there with nothing but a torch and tape measure for company.

So yes, in the blink of an eye he was transformed from ‘MAMIL’ to ‘MAMIR”, (Middle Aged Man in Rubber….).


Fortunately the waders held good and there was no whinging about leaks. There was whinging about cold and dark, but gee – toughen up!

Now, it does go against the grain to compliment himself and I have no idea what he has done, but since he has been in situ and been giving attention to the tank, water does appear to have flooded in and all of a sudden we have no water concerns – at least in the short term.

As I opened the curtains this morning, this was the sight that greeted me, a man, a water tank and a tape measure…

I have no idea what he has done and neither does he to be honest, but all of a sudden I can put the washing machine on with impunity and without concern.

So, best I sign off and head back up the hill to put a chunk of lamb in the Rayburn in our communication free ’empire’ that is EIOT Towers and start peeling some potatoes……



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