BT Divorce, Media Frenzy & Smug Mode…

Oh its getting sooooo exciting here, I am all of a quiver and am chuffed to pieces with what is going on.

Yeap – my friendly journalist has done his stuff and published the article and quite frankly he has pulled no punches and been completely blunt with his assessment of the story.

Now, I am a little torn here as I am seriously tempted to publish a link to the article but it gives my real name and also himself’s and so my cover would be blown.

I need to mull this over.

Anyway, the article has been published and the good news is that The Daily Mail are due to publish on their online edition today.

Oh BT you have messed up big time, Oh it is fab!

The Sun were interested but seem to have gone quiet…..

The Westmorland Gazette got wind of it, wrote to me asking for details when I told them they had all the details some 4 months ago and did nothing about it. I think heads have rolled and I got a nice apology saying they forgot about me and the fiasco(!). They did say ‘they may put something in next week’s paper’ – don’t strain yourselves guys.

So, the news of the day is that BT and Openreach are being legally forced to separate – oh what a shame, I hope it is not an amicable divorce with lots of kicking, screaming and restraining orders. I just hope the kids are OK.

You see in my many highly energetic conversations with BT/Openreach they have always sworn blind that they are two different companies – well they have now proven themselves to have told even more untruths than ever!

I have already expressed my interest and immediate availability for the vacant Chair post of Openreach – their feet would not touch the ground!!!

Oh I am going to have some fun today, there will clearly be some raw nerves at BT/Openreach today and I am going to love it!! I am going to be completely unbearable…

So, the latest update from BT is they are reviewing the mud again next week. Not only do I wonder how many newspaper/online articles can be published by then but how many solicitors letters about who gets the dog will be sent from the BT lawyers to the Openreach lawyers.

Anyway, I must contain my excitement, I must, I must, I must………

Onto other matters.

Firstly, anybody in deepest Cumbria – if you happen to see The Small Testosterone Filled One, please remind him that he has a Mum and Dad out in the land of sand and we really would like to speak to him when he can fit us into his hectic social calendar.

We have had communication from the Strawberry Blond Hand Grenade reasonably recently – well this week anyway – but we would always appreciate more if she is so inclined.

My admin assault is continuing but I have to say I am struggling against a tide of emails about phone lines, children and problems with transferring the electricity supply to EIOT Towers. Yes, my email inbox has reverted to type and is now well beyond one page and is way beyond any line of sight….

Of course the good news is that I have been soooo busy over recent days that I have had no opportunity to relapse back into Jeremy Kyle and his daily dose of trash TV. No, it is now over a week since I last indulged. That said it is now weekend again here and so himself is at home with his disparaging comments and sarcasm so any temptation that may come my way is firmly rebuffed.

Right, time to gloat!




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