Laptop Laxative & No Cold Turkey Here…..

So, the Jeremy Kyle detox continues and to be honest it is doing well. I have not been near the TV control at any point during the day, have not gone onto the ITV Hub and have most certainly not Googled any clips on YouTube.

No, all is well. Thus far I have not gone cold turkey, had no uncontrollable shaking or wild and unnecessary outbursts – well no more than usual anyway.

However, as tonight is Broadchurch night in the UK, I will be tuning into the ITV Hub tomorrow for my weekly fix of Mr Tennant and Ms Coleman.

Will the temptation be too much for me? After catching up on Broadchurch, will I weaken and turn to Mr Kyle for entertainment or will I remain strong and steadfast in my resolve?

Well, time will tell. I can only hope that I can maintain my resolute stance and cast Mr Kyle away with a waft of my hand.

To be honest my Jeremy Kyle withdrawal programme has been aided by my assault on my admin backlog.

Yeap, thanks to the BT fiasco I rapidly develop an admin/email/internet backlog of jobs that need attention. Any stays in the UK lead to a backlog that not even the IT/admin equivalent of Senokot can shift in a hurry.

I do find it quite ironic that on the whole I have to return to the land of sand to get on top of all admin and make phone calls. Yeap the pub and fab cafe serve a purpose, but that just deals with the immediate, the backlog is something else.

So, the last couple of weeks have seen me half-heartedly chipping my way through the backlog.

Today, however saw a full scale assault in camouflage, heavy weapons and tactics that the SAS would be proud of.

Yeap, I have been rather busy today – in fact I have been ridiculously busy.

So, as you can appreciate Jeremy Kyle has barely even crossed my mind.

What has crossed my mind is a plethora of emails, letters and research.

Yes, I am feeling quite virtuous – my email inbox is now on one page, yes one page! Those emails that are left over are simply ones that are there to remind me that I am waiting on a reply from somebody.

How exciting – one page! First time in years!

So, no missives from BT today, but as I got an out of office reply¬†from our ‘Senior Executive Complaints Team’ bod at the weekend saying that she was out of the office until tomorrow no surprise there.

Yes, I sent quite a curt and direct email to her over the weekend, but as it is a struggle to get any answers at the best of times, then quite frankly a reply from any other bod at BT in her absence would be too much to ask for.

BT and BTCare also seem to have stopped posting their self-congratulatory and self-satisfied posts on Twitter – maybe they are just trying to avoid sarcastic and blunt responses……

Right, brief post this evening as I continue my assault on the admin backlog…


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