Tommo’s Epic 5 Marathon Challenge

Well, he has only gone and done it. Yup, the legend that is Tommo has completed the completely unique, ‘Tommo’s Epic 5 Marathon Challenge’.

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Yeap, as well as the Sangcom Half Marathon back in January, the 24hr Spinathon in February, the Swimming Challenge of  March, (now that was a real challenge for Tommo, especially judging by the amount of whinging and moaning that went on), the legend that is Tommo has today completed his 5th marathon in 5 weeks.

So, our full congratulations go to the legend that is Tommo on this brilliant achievement – you are a hero.

A full breakdown of Tommo’s achievement and what it means to not only Tommo but Mrs Tommo as well, click here to go to today’s blog page.

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Virgin Money 2016 London Marathon

Well, that was a day that was. Yeap, the day finally dawned for the Virgin Money 2016 London Marathon.

Nerves were jingling, stomachs were full of butterflies and generally most people on the starting line were terrified about what on earth they had got themselves into.

But we all cracked on and what a stunning day it was.

Personally I would like to say a massive thank you to my new best running buddy – Sara. We met up at the 10 mile point and were both feeling intimidated with the remaining 16.2 miles.

From that point onwards we stuck together like glue and got each other through and crossed the line together – thanks Sara!

There are many tales of the actual event and I won’t go through them again here – check out the posts on the blog for funny stories of an epic day!

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Tommy’s Valentine’s Day Cake Sale – 13/02/16

Well, what a morning! Truly phenomenal! Yeap, it was the day of the big Tommy’s Valentine’s Cake Sale – and what a sale it was.

Masses of beautiful cakes were donated and everything sold out in double quick time.

The cake raffles were a major success, (we have a fab strawberry pavlova in the fridge for this evening), and raised a whole load of money for Tommy’s in their own right.


The present raffle was outstanding and will be carrying on until after the Spinathon.

A massive, massive thank you goes out to everybody who contributed in whatever form, whether donating cakes, buying cakes, organising the morning, manning the stall, etc, etc – it was a fantastic team effort!

The total is in but I am not going to steal the thunder of the ladies who worked so hard to pull today together – once they have made their announcement I will post it on here.



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Sangcom Half Marathon 2016 – We All Got Moving For Tommy’s

Finally, I have worked out how to upload an album to the actual blog and the photos from The Sangcom Half Marathon are the winners!

So here you go, for those people who do not use the Every Inch Of Tarmac Facebook page, (which has its own album), – the photos from The Sangcom Half Marathon….


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