Tommy’s Valentine’s Day Cake Sale – 13/02/16

Well, what a morning! Truly phenomenal! Yeap, it was the day of the big Tommy’s Valentine’s Cake Sale – and what a sale it was.

Masses of beautiful cakes were donated and everything sold out in double quick time.

The cake raffles were a major success, (we have a fab strawberry pavlova in the fridge for this evening), and raised a whole load of money for Tommy’s in their own right.


The present raffle was outstanding and will be carrying on until after the Spinathon.

A massive, massive thank you goes out to everybody who contributed in whatever form, whether donating cakes, buying cakes, organising the morning, manning the stall, etc, etc – it was a fantastic team effort!

The total is in but I am not going to steal the thunder of the ladies who worked so hard to pull today together – once they have made their announcement I will post it on here.



Don’t forget to donate, this is all about raising money for Tommy’s

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