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Regular blog readers will know that thanks to March’s Swimming Challenge I have gone from a very unenthusiastic flailing, coughing and spluttering mass of arms and legs to being a very enthusiastic flailing, coughing and spluttering mass of arms and legs and that I actually now voluntarily swim, am finding it easier, (generally), and have gained a lot of speed and confidence.

Over to you Dr Julie Bradshaw!

Over to you Julie Bradshaw!


This new found enthusiasm for swimming has led to me venturing towards improved technique, (goodness knows I need it), and wanting to do more so here goes.

Everybody who knows me knows that I do not compromise on quality so I have made contact not just with any swimming coach but one who holds 19 world records for long distance swimming, including an amazing solo swim of the English Channel using the butterfly stroke in 14 hours 18 minutes. This is Dr Julie Bradshaw MBE and in June I hit the cold water, (quite literally), in my initiation into Open Water Swimming.

Yeap, first of I am doing a 1 mile swim in Lake Windermere in the Great North Swim – just a warm up before I meet up with Julie a week or so later.

Then it is the big one, I meet up with Julie for a full swimming assessment where she will dissect my technique and stroke – if she can find them among the flailing limbs! She will then develop a training programme for me to work on back in the land of sand and hopefully I will ultimately, after a long time and lots of practice, be able to swim the length of Lake Windermere.

But that is not all, oh no. Later on in June I will be attending one of Julie’s ‘Swim Camps’. Yeap, three days of open water swimming camps, work on technique, nutrition and yoga sessions. Lots of open water swimming and weather permitting a round island swim too. Oh yes, did I mention that this is no wetsuits – just costumes? Brrrrrrr……..

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To find out more about Dr Julie Bradshaw MBE, her incredible swimming achievements, her business which is so much more than just swimming, check out her website Get Set 4 Success or for swimming Get Set 4 Swimming.

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