Tactical Pascale – AKA Mr Marathon

Well, what can we say? Chris took to the streets for The Sangcom Half Marathon back in January and I don’t think he has stopped since – he is now known, (among other things), as Mr Marathon.

A treadmill now has pride of place in the lounge and he just can’t stop himself.

Chris writes a regular blog, it started off about gaming but its now pretty much all about running and what it has done for him.

Chris is the proud founder of ‘The World’s Most Boring Marathon’ – running a marathon distance around our compound as we run The London Marathon. Rather him than me, at least we will have the beautiful and incredible sights of London to keep us going, he will have beige building, dust and a bit of tumbleweed floating past.

So, take a look and see what he has been up to – Tactical Pascale


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