The Brighton Marathon

The legend that is Tommo has done it, he has completed The Brighton Marathon.

Massive, massive congratulations go out to Tommo – he is a true legend in his own right and everybody in The Every Inch Of Tarmac Team is incredibly proud of him.

We are still waiting on a full debrief from Mr Tommo about his exploits this weekend in Brighton and to be honest knowing him it is probably better that we do not have all the details, but I am sure that in due course we will have a full breakdown of the day.

Tom - ready for The Brighton Marathon

Tommo – ready for The Brighton Marathon

So, more details to follow but for more details on The Brighton Marathon click here. I am sure Tommy’s will have more places for next year’s event so why not, go on you know you want to…..

Don’t forget to donate, this is all about raising money for Tommy’s

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There is only one Mr Tommo - thank goodness!