Vassos Alexander – Don’t Stop Me Now…..

Vassos Alexander is Chris Evans’ partner in crime on the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show and as well as being a brilliant sports reporter he is a completely committed runner with many, many marathons under his belt as well as triathlons and other mad running achievements.

Vassos Alexander - just on a quick run....

Vassos Alexander – just on a quick run….











Among other claims to fame, Vassos is the person behind getting Chris Evans to run The London Marathon.








Vasos has recently had a book published, ‘Don’t Stop Me Now, 26.2 Tales Of A Runner’s Obsession’ which I have been slowly working my way through.

I highly, highly recommend this book to anybody who runs, is thinking about taking up running or may just take up running at some point in the distant future….

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So, I hope that I may meet Mr Alexander on Sunday – goodness knows I will need the inspiration! However, I think I may be someway behind the rather speedy Vassos!!

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